It is important for you to know that the source of a hair goes a lot in determining its price. A typical instance is the Russian hair which is nearly twice as expensive as compared to the Asian hair that would first need to be bleached several times before it can take on the looks of the European shades. In the process of bleaching the Asian hair, strong acids are usually used and it damages the cuticle.
For the straw structure to be hidden, the hair has to be covered with few layers of silicone. It will always look good and shinny at the beginning but as time goes on, the silicone layers begins to wash off and the hair goes on to reveal the damaged structure and starts to tangle and mat.

Beware of low prices!!!!!! Quality costs... There are no exceptions!

At Wonderful Extensions, we NEVER use synthetic hair. It is only with human hair that you can seamlessly style, tint and straighten without any problems. Moreover, you can’t easily recognize the difference between your own hair and extensions. All the hair we supply is REMY which means that the cuticle face same direction. For this reason it does not get frizzy or tangled.

We use our own brand of hair which is sourced and supplied by The Signature Ltd. The Signature Ltd was founded in 2009 in London, by Caroline J. Sinclair. Now, we are glad to have found an outstanding hair source providing our customers with extensions of high quality with the following characteristics:
• Tangle free ethically sourced
• Thick but light Small bonds
• Bouncy Fake shine
• Free Fake smell
• Free Non damaging Reusable

Euroasian Hair

This is a mix of Indian and European hair. It is silky and straight but it is also suitable for styling. Each Indian hair is thick; every 1 g strand of extension has less single hair as a result will not offer as much volume as that of a European or Russian hair. Because of the damaging bleaching process that is needed to make the hair achieve light shades, it will be suitable for those with dark to medium brown hair in order to preserve its quality.
It can last for about 4-5 months

European Hair

These types of hair are soft and beautiful. Sourced in Spain, Italy, and other European countries. It is great for girls with fine or thick hair. The European hair comes in diverse colours with a natural body structure. It can be styled and dyed with straightness or curing tongs. When it is left to dry naturally, it develops a gentle wave which is common to European people. This type of hair is usually very light and easy to maintain. It can be reused up to 3 times.
It can last for about 8-9 months

Russian Hair

The Russian hair is luxury, velvety and delicate, at the same time strong and durable. This is the type of hair with the topmost quality as far as the hair extension market is concerned and it is also the hair with the rarest quality you can find anywhere in the world. The Russian hair is the Crème-de-la-crème of hair extensions. It is expensive, but I am sure you would want nothing but the best for your looks. It can be styled and dyed as you wish and fit seamlessly to any hair type or colour. It is grown in the cold Siberian regions and has never been chemically treated.
It can last for up to 12 months and can also be reused.

Difference between Double and Virgin Drawn

Double Drawn hair implies that each strand has the same degree of thickness from top to bottom and is mainly used for thickening rather than adding length.
Virgin drawn have been cut off one pony tail and preserve natural layers, therefore they feel weightless and have more movement.