Hair Quality

High Quality Hair
Hair Quality align=Wonderful Extensions hair are made with the highest quality remy human hair with the cuticle intact. Our hair is hand selected and undergoes a unique manufacturing process using all eco-friendly products to produce long lasting hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your own hair.
Minimal Shedding
no shedding hair extensionsWonderful Extensions hair are made with an anti-shedding technology which ensures that the hair extensions last longer and are able to be reused up to three applications. Our unique double sew lines ensure that your hair extensions will not shed, mat, or tangle.
Water Resistant
water resistance hair extensionsOur hair extensions are made with strong medical grade adhesive that is 100% water resistant and durable. While wearing Wonderful Extensions you can both swim and workout and your hair extensions will remain intact. Beach or sauna as well as steam rooms will not affect the bonds.
More Volume
thick hair extensionsWonderful Extensions offers more hair per pack than other hair extension brands. Our hair extensions are also both double and virgin drawn, which makes the hair extensions fuller and thicker. More hair per pack means you can wear less extensions and still have voluminous hair. Each pack contains 25 of 1g strands.
Our hair extensions are designed to have a strong hold, but are 100% non damaging and leave behind zero residue during removal. Our hair extensions slide out without need for any Removers or acetone.
Removal is free to my clients who apply new set. Removal of hair we did not fit is charged at £50 (for up to 1hr) with new set taken or £70 without.
If mobile service is required travel fee is £50.
We do not provide a fitting only services ie when hair has been purchased separately.