About Us

Established in 2009 with Ursula Perez as managing director, Wonderful Extension is a London based hair extension company and a service branch of The Signature Ltd found and directed by Caroline J. Sinclair. Although Wonderful Extension is based in London, our services are also available to customers in other cities based on request. Ursula and Caroline are an industry expert with over 20 years of combined hands on experience and this has reflected in the excellent services offered to customers.

The years of experience we have in wearing and fitting extensions has given us the knowledge, expertise and skill to master every technique needed to make our service exceed your expectations. We have been wearing extensions ourselves for many years now and we have also had our own share of experience with hair of bad quality, uncomfortable, visible bonds and bad customer service.

At Wonderful Extensions, we make use of the supplies from The Signature Ltd hair brand which happens to be a trusted a reliable brand. This helps to create a certain level of trust our customers have for the product we use as we ensure they are of the topmost quality.

We know how important hair is to every woman. It is most certain that no expensive dress or makeup is able to give you that amazing feeling like a beautiful, shiny, luscious, and bouncy hair. An amazing hair is all you require to reveal all your womanhood and sensuality. It is our belief that your hair is your crown and your most powerful accessory and we help to make sure you wear it with pride.

Make Wonderful Extensions your choice today and let your hair radiate your beauty.